Data privacy statement

Data privacy statement.
Data Protection Act (523/99) 10 §

Date of origin 6.4.2010

1. Register holder
    Rockseri Oy, Kasarminkatu 8, 87100 Kajaani, tel: 08 633 2440

2. Contact information for register related matters
    Pia Riihijärvi, tel: 08 633 24413

3. Register name
    R-Collection customer and product  register
4. Purpose of handling personal data
Personal data is handled in order to manage, analyze and develop the customer
relationship,. In addition, personal data is used for communication with customers and
marketing, including direct marketing, opinion and market surveys and for the planning
and development of the register holder’s business activity. The data can also be used for
statistical purposes and for the purposes of developing the service.
5. The data content of the register
 The register may include the following information:
• contact details, such as names, address, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses;
• registration details, such as user ID, personalized username, password and any other
   personal ID;
• date of birth, gender, title or profession and mother tongue;
• data relating to the customer relationship, such as billing and payment information,
   product and delivery information,
  customer feedback and customer contact, prize draw and competition response information as
   well as cancellation information;
• usage and activity information relating to services, communications or other content and elements
  pertaining to customership;
• profile and interests information provided by the registered user;
• direct marketing permitted and declined;
• cookies and other equivalent files, including information related to them, sent to the registered
  user’s terminal;
• technical information sent by the registered user’s terminal to the register holder’s server
   (such as the IP address, browser, browser version);
• any other information collected with the permission of the registered user.

All data will be handled anonymously.
6. Standard data sources 
Data relating to the registered user is obtained in a proscribed manner:
• from the registered user as they register to use the service or as they use the service by phone, on
  the internet, via e-mail, or through some other equivalent method through customer interfaces;
• through cookies or some other equivalent method.
• Finnish mail company Posti address register
• Personal data can be collected and updated also from official bodies and businesses
   that provide personal data services.
7. Standard data submission
Your personal data will not be passed on, sold or transmitted to third parties. All data will be
 handled anonymously.

8. Principles of register protection
The register is maintained as a technical record. The information system is protected with
firewalls and other technical methods and the register is only used by people designated
as users as part of their job specification.
9. Right to inspection, correction and denial of use
The registered user has, under the Data Protection Act, the right to see what data has been
recorded about them in the register. A request for personal inspection must be sent in writing.
The request may also be made in person at the register holder’s premises.

The registered user has the right to deny handling and passing on of data concerning them
for direct advertising, distance selling and direct marketing as well as for market and opinion
surveys by contacting the register holder. The denial of use does not cover customer communication
or registration, any other specific order, advertising relating to the content of services required as part
of joining up, or communications relating to entitlements.  
The registered user has the right to demand correction of erroneous information regarding them
by contacting the register holder.

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