Textile printing since 1978

We make customized products for any groups, companies and associations, in big and small batches. Our professional staff ensures high quality results and a fast delivery for your products. We make prints on products of other brands as well.

Our production facilities with state of the art textile printing and embroidery machines are located in Kajaani Finland. We provide you the latest techniques including oversize prints and effects printing.

General information about textile printing

We have a couple of different methods to choose from to ensure your customized products look perfect. The choice of method depends on the size of the print, the amount of colors, the fabric where it is printed, the color of the fabric, the size of the batch and special features of the print.


A good original artwork is black drawing or print on a clean white background. You can choose any colors you want for the print, including metallic shades. The original artwork should be as sharp and clean as possible. Images and screen captures from the Internet with 72 dpi resolution aren’t suitable for print originals. We can clean and redraw your designs and sketches for additonal fee. Pantone color map is the best for exact color determinations, but you can use any kind of methods to deliver the info. A colored piece of paper will do fine.

The maximum size for a print is 44 x 55 cm. Oversize prints are case specific depending on the design and the product.

There is no minimum order, you can order one or thousand custom products if you will. The basic costs are fixed for every batch regardless of the size, but in larger batches the share of the product and the printing job of the overall cost is smaller. We will store the tools for about one year and films we keep for five years.


The prices of the R-Collection products include a free print. The maximum size is A4 if the order is at least 20 pieces. The print job includes one change of color per order for free. This doesn’t apply to prints made on products of other brands.

How to deliver the logos and patterns in digital format

We prefer receiving Freehand-, Illustrator CS5-, Photoshop CS5- and PDF- files. You can also send your artwork or design to us in the mail in a CD or a USB stick or just send us a link from where we can retrieve the file.Please include in the order and in the picture the name of the chosen font, if it is known. If possible, please convert the text into paths. A good quality print out is also fine, you can post it to the following address:

R-Collection, Kasarminkatu 8, 87100 Kajaani

The customer is responsible for the usage rights of the image.

Request for quotation

You can send your request for quotation for a custom printing job to
us by email at info@r-collection.com

We need the following information for the quotation:

-    product(s) and size(s)

-    The chosen color of the product(s)

-    The quantity, size and location of prints and or embroidery desired

-    The quantity of colors desired for the print(s)/embroidery

-    Attach picture of the desired print/embroidery

-    Contact information, a phone number is a must.


Embroidery is done on to the product itself or as patches ready to be sewed on products. The pattern that is embroidered is digitized into instructions for the embroidery machine, which is only done once.  There will be no digitizing costs for additional orders.

The machine has a good selection of basic fonts that can be used for the desired text, in which case the digitizing of the pattern isn’t needed.

You can send us your artwork or sketch in digital format via email for evaluation. You can also send us a print out to this address:  R-Collection, Kasarminkatu 8, 87100 Kajaani, Finland

For a quotation we need a picture of the desired embroidery, the size and location of the embroidery and the quantity of the products. The price of the embroidery job is case specific, it depends on the quantity of stitches and products.

Need for a team outfit, corporate brand clothing etc?

Our designers will help you create custom-made clothing lines according to your individual ideas. We have workedwith several customers from tourist industry to various sport teams. Please, contact us and ask.

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